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Vision & Mission


The New Millennium National College of Education exists to ensure that all students are successful. It supports their growth into educated practitioners with global perspectives who are capable of succeeding in their professional lives. Students are at the heart of our work and give that work its purpose. We are dedicated to provide high quality educator preparation programs for meaningful careers in schools and agencies. Through their extensive partnerships with schools, districts, and agencies, faculty engage students in the everyday work world of practitioners. The College is also a community of learners where students, faculty and staff are engaged as partners in a quality education journey.


The Mission of college of education is to provide an ecology of excellence that enables learners to acquire, construct, and communicate knowledge, skills, and attitudes that empower them to create a quality of life in their respective communities that fulfills the needs of all individuals. To ensure that this ecology of excellence is achieved, the College of Education is committed to:
  • Developing professionals who have a knowledge base that promotes best practices of interdependent teaching and learning, encompassing depth and breadth in theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Creating an ethic of care that engages students in promoting democratic values, decisions leading to equity and learning environment that affirm, individual differences.
  • Establishing a climate that support the integral use of tools of technology in all learning and teaching experiences.
  • Advocating the principle of social justice based on individual physical, psychological, and social development needs within the context of a pluralistic society.
  • High standards of performance in the attainment of skills that validates the education profession and strengthens our communities.

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